24 Techniques for Closing the Sale

24 Techniques for Closing The Sale ( BT01 )

by Brian Tracy

“24 Ways to Close More Sales Now!”

Now you can double, triple, or even reach 100 percent on your closing rate using 24 of the finest closing techniques ever devised.

When I started selling, knocking on doors, cold calling, all I ever heard at the end of my sales presentation were the words, “Leave it with me.” “Let me think it over.” “I’ll read your materials.” “Call me back.”

Of course, no one ever “thinks about it”, and when I called them back, they weren’t interested any more.

One day, I suddenly realized that the problem wasn’t the product or the customer. The problem was me. I didn’t know how to close the sale.

That revelation set me off on a lifelong search for the words I could use that would cause people to buy – immediately.

Do you want to know the 24 best closing techniques?

When you start using these easy to learn techniques – the customers will buy from you. Sales will be easier and you will make more money.

In fact, when you learn these closing techniques – You’ll get more appointments. And you’ll get them to buy – even when they say “It’s too expensive.”

You will learn how to be an excellent closer with 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale.

Let me ask you a question…

If I could show you a way that you can double or triple your sales closing rate – and teach you how to sell to 50% to 75% of all the prospects that you come in contact with – are you willing to spend an entertaining 63 minutes to learn it?

Many salespeople spend a lot of time and effort with potential customers, only to miss the golden opportunity to close the sale. Now, the 24 closing techniques presented in my program can help you satisfy even the most demanding buyer.

When you buy this program you will learn to…
  • Close on the first appointment
  • Close early in the presentation
  • Close over the phone
  • Close at every stage of the conversation
  • Close the lost sale
  • Make more money closing faster, easier, better than you ever thought possible
You know you want to close more sales

When it comes time to close, don’t allow the opportunity to slip away because you’re not fully versed in all the effective closing techniques.

The Equivalent of an Expensive, 3-Day Sales Training Seminar

The information you’ll find in 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale is the same material taught in one of my seminars – A seminar that costs $3,000 and takes 3 days to attend.
Now, with this exciting program, you can get the same information – and with repeated viewing – in the comfort of your home, office, or training room.

And you can share it with your entire sales force.

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